Personalizing your Wedding Invitation!

Wedding invitation play an important role. We have written about several things while choosing your wedding card.  Several important things go in selecting a wedding invitation card. This blog would focus on the possible professionalization that can happen with a card. So when you go to your favorite card designer it’s important to know what you can ask for while getting a suitable design for your card.

Following is a list of things you can personalize while getting your card done.

  1. Images.
  2. The text.
  3. Background images.
  4. Image seals.
  5. Add on items
  6. Carry bags.
  7. RSVP cards.
  8. Address labels.

Keep these things in mind and you are on your way to getting the perfect wedding card design. In case you need any help on doing the same never forget to write to


Designer Wedding Cards!

Dear readers give it up to our guest blog writer today!!  Mr.knowitall :P. Its a first blog by him.

“Okay people this is my first blog so expect a lot of re-edits and additions all the time 😛  (it would be done before publishing though). This is targeting the audience looking out for wedding cards, by that I mean hardbound wedding cards. In on our blog posts we did tell you about e-invites and Facebook invites and our take on that would follow through. But this is all about hard bound physical cards .

These days since money is really not a consideration to spend on weddings people have become very focused about the quality of cards they send out to their friends and family. In early days the cards would be as low as 5 Rs. to 20 Rs. But welcome to the 21st century! So its designer card all the way. Eventually the range of cards have now shifted to 100 Rs. to 5000 Rs. (depending on how much lighter you want you pocket to be). The cards with boxes built-in to add sweets or chocolates are my personal Favorite. They give a neat royal finish to the whole concept of designer stuff.


Like the shopaholic mentioned a few blogs back we were doing a wedding of a near and dear one, we ended up getting the card for that wedding designed from the famous  “Parampara wedding cards” in  Delhi. You can find some great samples on the website too. Remaining details on their website .Go get in touch with them or write to us if you need help for any designers around the country.

Now what makes a good wedding card?  Look it through the brides eyes,the color and the design of the bridal lehenga and card could be in sync with each other. Also to keep yourself in budget you can get two type of cards in the same lot per say a set of 500 Rs. cards for friends and distant relatives and may be 5000 Rs. card for the special relatives. (in India special cards can be given to the groom’s side of family)

And ask a groom what he would like I think it really comes down to marrying the girl and listening to her 😛  (and he has no other choice too) 😉

Before I end this blog make sure you get that unique out of the box design for your wedding card from your favorite manufacturer to send across to your in-laws , (like a wooden box with carvings and sweets inside) .It would just make your pocket lighter by 5000 Rs. per card. And We still have cards which cost 5 Rs. to 10 Rs. which you can get in sadar bazaar in Delhi in multiple designs.Image

So happy card hunting!!Write to us if any doubts. “

All you need to know about wedding invites!

Weddings, Irrespective of however long you plan it, you still feel something’s missing. Today weddings are a blend of old traditions with modern outlook. Perfection is everyone’s need these days. And if you as me I  think so too. If you are spending a fortune on them you need results don’t you?


When time is a constraint in everyone’s life, you look for a savior and when traffic plays the villain part, you will prefer something which saves your time, money and unwanted travel.

This where E-Invites, Facebook Events, Online Wedding planners etc play a vital role. We from Theknotstory will be researching, reviewing some of these sites, one per day and will bring back reviews for you guys all from our eyes for your eyes only! Wait for it and we will make sure we wont disappoint you guys!

Also potential website owners who would like us to review them or write about them you are most welcome to contact us on

And like we always say

“If you need any help in any city to for shopping guidance we are happy to help. Just mail us at and we are at your service! Presently four (Mumbai, Hyderabad, Calcutta, New Delhi) .”


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