Sold out to the sale!

Its monsoon and the sale time is here. Since I already spent big bucks yesterday I thought I would jot down some important do’s and don’s while shopping in the sale. The very thought of sale shopping is rejuvenating. Anything at the cost lower than the printed one is always welcome to anybody. Who does not like saving. Remember we gave you a list of to do’s while shopping for the black Friday sale? Refer all of that and brush-up your sale shopping skills. Along with that remember the following in order to help you avoid all that you don’t wan to end up buying!Sold out to the sale.


  • Stock up on winter collections as the weather next is appropriate. Woolens are always expensive to buy retail. So sale is the appropriate time to stock up on that.
  • Go buy all the footwear that you have your eyes on.
  • Expensive high-end bags are a great bargain if you go sale shopping. ( I am suffering from serious post shopping guilt in this department on my recent purchase ūüėõ ūüėõ )
  • Spending on denims during sale shopping is also a great idea. Even if the trends change a decent pair of denim wouldn’t really hurt.
  • Household decor items are also to look out for when you are shopping during the sale.
  • Furnishings like Bed-covers, Bath linens are again some important items that you could or you would wanna spend on.
  • ¬†Electronics items which you have been keeping on hold since a long time.


  • Buy cosmetics as much tempting as it is. You cannot guarantee the expiry date. There is a possibility of products being very near to the expiry date.
  • Buy neon colors , since are so much in fashion these days it may tempt you. But they aren’t here to stay long. It may be a possibility that 3 months later you may regret buying so many neon’s after all!
  • Buy too many leather items. Remember its monsoon time after all.
  • Buy footwear which you plan to use this season and aren’t weather appropriate.
  • Forget to check your bill the percentage discount and any discrepancy where product guarantee is concerned.

Happy shopping.

xoxo ~~



Choose the right engagement “Ring”- Part 1 !

The¬†shopaholic¬†is back from theknotstory. Well it was the last month that a close one decided to get married! And who do you think would have hopped on the shopping responsibility?? No prizes for guessing mah’ name! Don‚Äôt even get to think what my name is! Okay aren’t we drifting from the title a wee bit?

The marriage is incomplete without its ring! The engagement and in some cases the wedding band! This is a lifelong investment! This ring remains with you till the grave they say. Choosing on your engagement ring can be really catchy. But if done with the utmost care and love makes your loved one happy! In my case I still regret not being able to have the ring I always wanted :() I sincerely hope my husband takes a hint n gets me that ring ūüėČ ;))

choosing your engagement ring.

I am personally always curious if a person chose his or her own ring or it was someone else s choice. This does not have to be a traumatizing experience. I can imagine how difficult it is for a guy to choose a pair of jeans leave alone a perfect engagement ring! But no fear theknotstory is here!  This entire process can be very easy; all you need to do is get your basics right and co-ordinate with your spouse!

You should know:

  1. ¬†What you will be asked for when you go shopping: ¬† When you go to the store the shop keeper might ask you to few things and if you appear clueless chances are he might totally fool you or you might get something which similar but not what you intended to by! ¬†So research thoroughly on few words¬†BAND, SETTING, GEMSTONE, 4 C’s¬†(cut, clarity, carat, color of the GEMSTONE), COST.¬†(We will be doing¬†separate¬†posts on each of the characteristic¬†)
  2. ¬†Your budget: ¬†This is the most important thing while shopping anything for that matter. If you know your budget things become easy for you and the salesperson. He knows what to show you and you have limited options to choose from avoiding excess confusion. Also avoiding any temptation to spend extra is always good during your wedding shopping. Because everything you shop for is of equal priority. Also refrain yourself from the very famous line “A man should save 3 months of his salary saved to buy the perfect engagement ring”.¬†All that matters is that you buy a ring in your budget that is loved by you to be fianc√©!
  3. Your fianc√©’s choice: ¬†The thought of surprising your spouse with the ring is a very tempting thought, but a very risky one at that. So better to know what he/she likes to avoid any kind of awkward situations. And always better to avoid any kind of exchanges, returns or adjustments. Always remember the ring stays with you always. So take him/her along with you or just be smart and gauge what they want. Trust me even they want to tell you what is his/her choice ūüėõ ūüėõ ¬†You could ask their friend to take them to a ring store just for fun and know exactly what they want. Just in case always check the return policy of the store if surprising is on your mind!
  4. The right Jeweler:  The ring, the diamond and the gold is something which the naked eye cannot tell if pure or not. So ask around friends to get an idea of good Jewel stores. Experimenting while buying wedding ring is not really a good idea. Also look for store suiting your budget to avoid disappointment over looking at stuff you cannot afford.  Online shopping on legitimate website like the Bluenile or Bluestone or Suratdiamond might be a good idea. It’s a great deal if you like a little less trying on for a reasonably good discount.  Also look for jewelers who custom design your engagement ring.
  5. The perfect engagement ring: The perfect engagement ring is the ring which suits the style, persona and taste of your fiancé. The ring should be big enough to pass through her work place and not too small that the visibility is an issue! Also check for the design that does not get stuck in the clothes or even scratches your face.
  6. Buy certified engagement ring: Always look for certified rings as the certification by your jeweler is really not reliable. So before you pull out your credit card ensure the certificate is right.

Last but not the least enjoy every bit of your wedding. For any assistance email us at

xoxo ~~ Theknotstory

Bridal Lehenga Trends this Season!

Hey there lovely bride to be’s!!

Okay I know to begin with I got to say we @team theknotstory are seriously sorry for being lazy for around 3 months! But something really kept us busy and we do promise to be more regular and deliver awesome information with regularity!  Our shopaholic has decided to give shopping a break and writing more often! *winks*

Now that the Summer weddings are up I am pretty sure you guys have already done a whole lotta shopping and few things remain! I am personally shopping for the wedding of a near and dear and bring you the first hand information ūüėÄ (of course¬†about everything) !

So after doing a thorough market search for the right kind of bridal lehenga we finalized one! The most important thing to look for is how comfortable and glamorous do you feel about what you wear!  And summers bring in a lotta fresh colors, pastels and brightness all together! Get in all your Pinks, Royal blues, Pastel Greens. And color blocking is seen in the Bridal lehengas too! Believe me or not they look fabulous!

My Personal¬†favorite¬†for brides does remain the traditional Red! and Our bride did get a fresh tomato red! But then if you are the experimenting kinds and like to follow new trends you have loads of options in colorful lehengas! ¬†Here are the latest¬†designs¬†of lehengas some designers put up this season that I absolutely adore! You may wanna steal them or buy them ūüėČ

Color Block Lehenga

Color Block Lehenga

LoveLy Sabyasachi Designs! Royal Blue and Red!

LoveLy Sabyasachi Designs! Royal Blue and Red!


This  Sabyasachi one Is my Favorite BTW! These days m obsessed with anything that is royal blue!


Black and Gold Ritu Kumar Design

Black and Gold Ritu Kumar Design

Shyamal Bhumika Gorgeous design

Shyamal Bhumika Gorgeous design

Bridal Lehegna using Yellow!

Bridal Lehegna using Yellow!

P.S. they are not my designs. The respective designers own them . I just recommend them and the style!

And if you love budget friendly stuff explore your nearest market and keep in mind the above colors and work that are trending now! Happy Wedding shopping lovelies..! And if you need any help in any city to fore shopping guidance we are happy to help. Just mail me at and I am at your service! Presently for  (Mumbai, Hyderabad, Calcutta, New Delhi) .


Happy Shopping :)


The Shopaholic @Team theknotstory!

Guide to plan the wedding wisely!


We come back with an article on planning! Sorry about the delay guys! But we were caught up on attending some amazing weddings and getting more info for you guys! And we made sure it was a work only trip ūüėČ

The Wedding is the most memorable Day in a person’s life. The word Life comes to meaning after wedding. Wedding involves lots of preparations also. Unlike other occasions, weddings are more sensitive towards an auspicious moment (Muhurth) for tying the knot and significant time of the day for each and every  ritual  as per Astrologer’s calculations. These are applicable to traditional Indian weddings. Now-a-days families have become liberal towards certain things though.

Below are some important things which need to be taken care of for setting up a Wedding.

Phase 1 ‚Äď 6months (if more divide it wisely) before wedding.

1) Horoscope match: Traditional arranged marriages start with horoscope matching need done with the help of an expert astrologer. As per the horoscope match, the family normally decides whether to go ahead with the marriage or not, anyways this is not a compulsory thing now days.

2) Ring Exchange or an Engagement

3) Date and time for the auspicious moment to be decided with the help of an astrologer.

4) Pre wedding Plan

a. Marriage Functions ‚Äď Sangeet or Mehndi, Cocktail, Marriage, Reception etc

b. Marriage Invitations ‚Äď Budgeting, Design,Content

c.   Guest List for all the functions.

d. Venues to be decided. (for the respective functions)

e. Food, transportation and other things to be decided.

f. Budgeting for Ornaments and couture for the bride and groom.


Phase 2 ‚Äď 5months before Wedding

1) Wedding Card Finalizing and printing.

2) Venues for the respective functions to be booked.

3) Food, transportation and other necessary arrangements to be made.

4) Shopping ‚Äď Hunt for the right dress ‚Äď Bride and Groom.¬† Designing/Stitching to be taken care at this point.

5) Checking out for the Ornaments for the bride

Phase 3 ‚Äď 3 Months before wedding

1) Sending out the invites for the wedding.

2) Book the necessary ornaments. (Safer than keeping at home)

3) Bride and grooms houses maintenance if any, to be done by now.

4) Creation of a Wedding website, Wedding registry.

Phase 4- 2months before wedding

1) Wedding website should be ready and e-invites should be sent out.

2) Honeymoon plan to be finalized and bookings to be done.

3) Bride and groom – shopping to be complete.

4) Shopping for the family members to be done.

5)     Hospitality arrangements for hosts to be done.

Phase 5- Days before Wedding

1) Check each and every list and make sure everything in phase 1 is taken care of.

2) Check and make sure that adequate arrangements have been done for staying of guests.

3) Purchase the  items needed for rituals and puja’s.

4) Cross check and verify the transport arranged for wedding.

5) Cross check and verify Caterer and Venues.

6) Cross check and verify ever other bookings done.

7) Bookings to be done with Beautician.

Final Preparations: 3days before Finale

1) Decorating Bride/groom’s house.

2) Arrangement for decorating the vehicle to be used by Bride and groom.

3) Assigning duties to necessary people regarding transportation and hospitality.

4) Giving responsibilities to necessary people regarding food and venue.

5) Ironing the necessary clothes.

6) Pre-Wedding grooming to be done.

The Day ‚Äď The royal Indian Wedding:

Relax, look fresh, bright and happy as you are about to begin your knotstory. Cherish the moment and make it memorable throughout the life.


Black-Friday express shopping Santa !

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† Din’t I tell you, I am here to compel you to shop! theknotstory’s very own Blackfriday express shopping guide is here. Well our editor decided to gimme (the shopaholic) the charge of shopping blogs! (Don’t you dare think I¬†snatched¬†it from someone!) Now you can’t get the entire store home given the crowd and availability! So we at theknotstory ran a short survey of things people prefer to target on such occasions. What use would it be if we¬†don’t¬†share it with you??¬†Refer below!

We believe in smart shopping. I am sure by now you should have your shopping list ready. In our survey the Categories of items people targeted to pick up were as follows:

¬†Gadgets ,¬†Winter wear, Blazers,¬†a new 0$ plan(contract) on cell phone, Footwear, Household articles like drilling tools, Television, Fridges, Washing Machines,¬†deals on Cars, bikes, Home Decor, Cosmetics, Home containers, Bathroom utilities, Home furnishings, Game DvD’s, Gaming Consoles, Toys !¬†

(These being on the top of the list)

And some important things not to forget:

  • ” Things like gadgets can be ordered online. So you can save your time at the stores.
  • Clothing stuff like jackets,shrugs, winter wear,blazers, scarfs etc can be bought without any hassle of trial rooms.
  • Team work pays. So make a team if your entire family is out shopping. Split the items and get all your stuff.You can also ask your friends and relatives to shop for items not available in your area, if it is available in stores in their area or delivered at their area.
  • You may shop two styles.¬†Quantity and quality. Better brands in the same money. After the discount a¬†Louis¬†Vuitton¬†would be your normal buy!
  • ¬†Quantity. You can buy your regular brands. Considering the discount more number. Of things sure bound to fit in your budget.
  • ¬†This is the ideal time to upgrade your¬†TV, Music systems and Laptops. “

I hope it helps you guys . And do not forget to tell us all about your shopping spree. Comments and pictures welcome.

Happy Shopping ūüôā


The Shopaholic @Team theknotstory!