Wedding Dress – Wear the dress you like to!

What to wear and not to wear on a wedding is a subject which is big enough for a debate. We came up with a simple Infographic on the same. How things that complicated can be made easy with a flowchart 😛 😛

Wedding dress infograph!

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My favorite picks: Shyamal and Bhumika Men’s collection!

Its about time I write something about the grooms or I might loose on the readers :P:P So here are my favorite picks from the Shyamal & Bhumika collection for the groom’s outfit. I am sure you read our previous post on the Groom’s wedding dress . The groom’s now a days have become more aware of fashion and the latest trends surfacing in the fashion world where the sherwanis are concerned.  The intricate designs and the work on the Sherwanis is almost as heavy as bridal lehengas these days. The colors have changed from traditional golden to more velvet’s,blues and reds etc. Groom’s like to experiment. Matching the sherwani with the color of the bridal lehenga still is one of the ongoing trends, more concepts are flowing in. We intend to update you with all that we know ! Till then this post belongs to Shyamal and Bhumika’s Men’s collection!

Shyamal & bhumika Sherwanis

Shyamal and bhumika 1

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P.S. These designs belong to the designer.I am just appreciating 😀 Also click on the picture to view a larger image!

The Perfect Family Sunday – How Married People divide work

After 5 working days everyone waits for the weekend. Sunday is the day most of us sit back at home, finish some personal work, spend some quality time with family. It is also the day which reminds us that “Tomorrow we got to go to office”. We had earlier posted an infographic ( on how a boy & girl spend their weekend before getting married. Let us see how married people spend Sunday’s. We have created an infographic and its self explanatory.

A Family Sunday

A Family Sunday

We belive that the above Infographic had answered some common questions 😉 . Above and below all, this may not be the scenario at every home, we have created this based on research with a tinch of humour :P.

Pack Smart – Destination Wedding frenzy!

Its a destination wedding. You wanna pack and pack all your best outfits , best jewellery , best of footwear and everything . Phew! Thinking about it is also exhausting. You don’t know where to start and where to stop. How to put things in place and what to carry and what not to carry! And as we all know there is always a limit to what you can have and what not! And who likes Limitations on these little things! An we ladies have a weak heart when it comes to our shoes!!(and let me tell you guys do too) ! have noticed my husband too 😛 😛

Okay coming back to the point , How to Pack smart when going for a destination wedding? ( specially when its your own!)

Beginning from the stuff that you absolutely need to pack, your clothes! Get them dry-cleaned ironed or whatever the need be! And pack them in covers with a zipper (you easily get them in the market) so that the ironing remains intact and easy to keep in your huge travel bags.


Smart Packing Covers

Make sure you also keep your matching (artificial) jewellery with each outfit instead of keeping them in a separate bag. Its easy to find on the day and you don’t have to open the entire bag for one outfit!  Arrange your clothes according to the functions so the other stuff in intact!


Coming to your footwear make sure you carry your goldens and silvers , in an Indian traditional wedding there a little bit of each in the dresses. And for the bride -you sure cannot make adjustments so just carry them all!

Your make up should be neatly packed in a makeup-kit, so you don’t end up turning your handbag upside down to search for a single lip-shade! Put in a Miniature perfume in you handbag as its summers you might need it more than the usual! Transfer your shampoos and conditioners in little travel bottles instead of carrying huge heavy bottles. Find them here.

And guy’s out there carry your blazers in your hand baggage instead of stuffing them in the bag recklessly! Don’t forget your perfumes and formal,informal and casual shoes! you may wanna check the nearby places out if you find some spare time out!
images (1)images (2)

Let us know your views on this ? Wanna add your tips to smart packing comment below .


Your Smart Packer @team theknotstory

New year Party with a Difference !

We are nearing the end of the year 2012. Like every year this one has its own bits and pieces to remember. It’s this one last  day when many unknown hotels, resorts, bands, dancers, singers, tour planners, event management companies and what not make money. One single day and people make lakhs, millions like wise. Is it necessary to spend so much for celebrating New year?

An average party where a couple makes an entry costs 3k (3000INR) and above as cover charge only. Food and other things depends on how much more to spend. We Indians are always a step ahead in celebrations; Be it wedding or festivals or New year.  Is it worthy to spend so much? Why spend so much, when you can have the same fun at lesser price?  What about the after party confusions? Unsafe travelling alone or travelling with a lady, Getting booked for Drunken driving or the  uncertainity of availability or heavy fares hiring  a taxi or room rent and all kind of other complications. In a simpler tone, most people celebrate an amount which is equivalent to a month’s expense on New year night.

Here is a suggestion from us as to how to celebrate this New year wisely and cheaply!!

Arrangements + Planning

Celebration always make sense when you are with the right bunch of people, Friends. Arrange a small house party with friends & family.  Plan it at one of your houses or rent a house or cottage for a day where all can sleep after party. Divide the expense. Make arrangements for food, cleaning, and other things(audio,video and whatever). This celebration may not be a Page 3 celebration, but this will be one new year where you are celebrating with the right bunch spending a small amount of money and with minimal risk.


Minimize unnecessary spending and save some money.

No worries about drinking and driving.

No safety concerns when you have to reach home late.

Party with friends and hence no risk for girls.

No cops and eve teasers to bother.

Happy Family 🙂


Friends should be available.

Place for party & stay should be available.

Someone to cook food & clean should be available.

This is not a Page 3 party where a famous DJ plans some tracks.

Black-Friday express shopping Santa !

                Din’t I tell you, I am here to compel you to shop! theknotstory’s very own Blackfriday express shopping guide is here. Well our editor decided to gimme (the shopaholic) the charge of shopping blogs! (Don’t you dare think I snatched it from someone!) Now you can’t get the entire store home given the crowd and availability! So we at theknotstory ran a short survey of things people prefer to target on such occasions. What use would it be if we don’t share it with you?? Refer below!

We believe in smart shopping. I am sure by now you should have your shopping list ready. In our survey the Categories of items people targeted to pick up were as follows:

 Gadgets , Winter wear, Blazers, a new 0$ plan(contract) on cell phone, Footwear, Household articles like drilling tools, Television, Fridges, Washing Machines, deals on Cars, bikes, Home Decor, Cosmetics, Home containers, Bathroom utilities, Home furnishings, Game DvD’s, Gaming Consoles, Toys ! 

(These being on the top of the list)

And some important things not to forget:

  • ” Things like gadgets can be ordered online. So you can save your time at the stores.
  • Clothing stuff like jackets,shrugs, winter wear,blazers, scarfs etc can be bought without any hassle of trial rooms.
  • Team work pays. So make a team if your entire family is out shopping. Split the items and get all your stuff.You can also ask your friends and relatives to shop for items not available in your area, if it is available in stores in their area or delivered at their area.
  • You may shop two styles. Quantity and quality. Better brands in the same money. After the discount a Louis Vuitton would be your normal buy!
  •  Quantity. You can buy your regular brands. Considering the discount more number. Of things sure bound to fit in your budget.
  •  This is the ideal time to upgrade your TV, Music systems and Laptops. “

I hope it helps you guys . And do not forget to tell us all about your shopping spree. Comments and pictures welcome.

Happy Shopping 🙂


The Shopaholic @Team theknotstory!

Thankful for Black-Friday shopping!

Now that the Thanksgiving Day is approaching! And what I am thankful for is the shopping world! Do you know how crazy the world will go on this Friday! We are joining the crazy!! And we want you to join too! Peak wedding season and discounts, what else do you even want in life! (This totally comes from a shopaholic).I can help you get the best in the cheapest! Read on!

For those who don’t know what black Friday is!

“ has to say Black Friday is popular as a shopping day for a combination of reasons. As the first day after the last major holiday before Christmas it marks the unofficial beginning of the Christmas season. Additionally, many employers give their employees the day off as part of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, increasing the potential number of shoppers. In order to take advantage of this, virtually all retailers in the country, big and small, offer various sales. Recent years have seen retailers extend beyond normal hours in order to maintain an edge, or to simply keep up with the competition.”
(For origin history and significance culturally please go through Wikipedia’s entire page)!

I am here to compel you to shop! I say it’s the cheapest and the best shopping day of the year! Now wouldn’t you want to yield the most! Like theknotstory promised I am here to help you through! Now you might ask me sitting in India how would you shop for everything sitting at home. Well if you plan to visit the US and shell out money that you save on your articles we wouldn’t say no! But heard of online shopping?
There are portals brands whose black Friday sale is live now! You just gotta book your stuff online! And get it! Now you would ask What can you order/buy on this sale ??
Books, Shoes, Dresses, Gadgets, Televisions, Cosmetics, Home furnishings, Cd’s, Toys, Personal utilities, Personal grooming, Articles, Laptops. You name it and you get it!

The sales are as high as 70 % discounts. I suggest log in and surf through. Book your stuff.We will give you a list of websites right at the end of the post to help you get an idea of where the sales are and what can you get. Keep following the links and am sure you get the best deal!

Now the other thing its Thanksgiving people! Be thankful to all those lovely people who are gonna visit India soon after the SALE! Remember what you have to do! Scroll through your directories, mail them, text them or call them! Hand them over the list of things you want them to get you! Also you can’t expect them to stand there in the long queues nor all the websites would deliver in India so order online and get it shipped over to your buddies in USA!

People wait up the whole night in front of the stores to get their favorite things at this time of the year in the best cheapest cost! Sometimes midnight sales open too! Buck up! Happy shopping. You can use all the extra money you saved this season on your wedding attires!! 😉 Last but not the least you might wanna get your spouse their fav gadget and whats better than getting them discounted!!

Thursday opening times for popular Black Friday destinations:
Walmart, 8 p.m. Thursday
Toys ‘R Us, 8 p.m. Thursday
Sears, 8 p.m. Thursday
Kmart, 8 p.m. Thursday
Target, 9 p.m. Thursday
Best Buy, midnight
Kohl’s, midnight
Do Visit for all the sales.
Disclaimer : All the deals are subject to change and please refer to the merchants to verify the details. Also while shopping online do not forget to check the shipping charges and the duty taxes applicable for the same.

Happy Thanks giving!!

All about “US”

We thought of sharing a small story about how “US” evolved from “U n I”. “I” comes from an ” Individual ” . Now  Don’t you try to think this is related to apple or any of its products ;-). It’s about you and us. All of us!

Let me break this flowchart for you guys, this ain’t no Davinci code, We are talking about family and individuals. As I told earlier, “I”  for Individual and “US” for family. How “I” forms “US”?? duh! like you don’t know that 😛 . Generations before us, something called evolution happened and we the humans resulted. Our ancestors, their ancestors and so on.  All of us are “I”’s, we take decisions to start living for the future and choose a suitable partner. We decide to live with this partner with or without (as in some cases) the consent of our parents. This is supposed to happen as a holy communion in front of your family, friends and God as witness. This Holy Communion is named “Marriage”; the beginning of a new meaningful relationship till eternity.

Marriage ain’t the end of an individual or “I” in short, I like to call it a new phase, “US”.  After marriage, family life of  “I” starts. Sooner or later, the “I”‘s form a new “I” (of-course the new born baby) and thus “US” is a new family.. The number of members of the new “US” family may increase with more “I”s, and soon the “US” family will become the complete family.

Marriage changes an individual in many possible ways. Once married a person always thinks about his/her partner and the family. Then comes responsibility and living life meaningfully. The meaning of love and relationships will be learnt through the ongoing process called Living life. Without a Family, none of us might have born. Family completes a person, which makes the word ‘Happy’, meaningful and ‘world’, beautiful, innovative, humane and evolving.

A meaningful knot keeping your friends, relatives, parents and the Almighty as witness, A promise that you will take care of each other, a moment which should remain in everyone’s life as “The Most Memorable Moment”, A Moment when the word Family comes into existence in your life and the moment which makes your ancestor’s happy about you for carrying on the legacy of living happily as a family.

“Theknotstory” is here to share our experience and hear from you more about the  moment you want to remember the most, the moment you want to begin living as “US” from being an “I” and also to help you guys and girls make your plan easy for any phase of  your life by our assistance. Thereby giving you more time to live with your family/loved ones rather than running around and asking questions and waiting for answers. For contacting us all you need to do is open your browser while you sit there watching TV maybe and there you go! You are one step closer to your solution!

We are here to answer all possible questions about setting up and planning your life, but questions about your life and living it cannot be given by us or in fact anyone, it’s you who can find answer to those questions by living the life meaningfully.