Personalizing your Wedding Invitation!

Wedding invitation play an important role. We have written about several things while choosing your wedding card.  Several important things go in selecting a wedding invitation card. This blog would focus on the possible professionalization that can happen with a card. So when you go to your favorite card designer it’s important to know what you can ask for while getting a suitable design for your card.

Following is a list of things you can personalize while getting your card done.

  1. Images.
  2. The text.
  3. Background images.
  4. Image seals.
  5. Add on items
  6. Carry bags.
  7. RSVP cards.
  8. Address labels.

Keep these things in mind and you are on your way to getting the perfect wedding card design. In case you need any help on doing the same never forget to write to


Wedding Planning 003: Guest Management on the D Day.

                        Now that you know everything about wedding  invites, guest management, accommodation, conveyance etc. Let us talk about the most important day and the most important job, How to manage guests on the wedding day. Guests, in any country are considered as special ( In India we consider them as god 😀  “Athithi devo bhava”) and its our sole responsibility to make them comfortable and happy. Especially when they come to bless the bride and groom leaving their busy schedules and commitments.
                     The wedding day is going to be the busiest day of your life, so be clever enough to make prior arrangements to bring your guests to the wedding venue on time.  There should be someone (preferably accompanied by a relative) arranged to welcome the guest and make them seated, serve them Welcome drink. It would be better if your parents come personally and greet them when they enter the venue just to add that personal touch (this is totally situational!!). It maybe a bit hectic to do this in the busy schedule, but worthy enough for a long-lasting relationship and this humble practice avoids misunderstandings and confusions.
           Some guests may not be aware of the rituals, ceremonies involved in a wedding, it may be a good idea if someone can give them a basic idea about this after the wedding or before. If the wedding photography is planned then guide your guests to the bride and groom for the same. Now that the wedding ceremony is over, let us take the guests to the most important part of any wedding; The ‘Feast’.  In India, if the guest is happy with the feast the wedding is considered to be a very good wedding. It is the sole responsibility of the host (at least someone from host Family) to confirm with each guest whether they had the food and they are happy with food served.
                   Once the feast is over, the wedding is considered over for all, but the host (at least someone from host family) needs to go to the guest, thank them for attending the wedding and making the wedding special by their presence. In the modern times that we live in now Thankyou cards can also be sent after the wedding for those who attended the wedding. It is a different trend and appreciated by many. (I personally think its uncalled for but then if you got the money why not use it 😛 :P)
The Knotstory tips:
  • Plan, organize and assign people to handle guests.
  • Handing the guests a small welcome kit which include an explanation about the wedding rituals & ceremonies.
  • Plan a vacation & marriage itinerary for the guests if they are interested. ( you may not have enough time to do this, in that case guide them with the appropriate contacts who can help them )
  • A small food menu for every guest entering the Feast can also be done, there by helping them to plan the meal 😉 😉

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Wedding Planning 002 : Guest conveyance & Guest Accomodation

We believe you have read our previous post on Guest Management, In case if you haven’t, here it is   Second part of Guest Management is Accommodation & Conveyance for guests. We wrote about the initial part, which involves preparing guest list & inviting, that is just the beginning. We always like to give you smart tips on how to manage accommodation & transportation for the guests. Read on.

Here is what we suggest:

The very basic thing for doing this is to create a list of guests who are going to arrive for the wedding in advance and also how they are arriving. For this, we need to get RSVP’s of people which need to be collected using RSVP’s email confirmation, Facebook event or Wedding Site or a Phone call. Try to get the itineraries of the guests so that it will be easy to plan and manage guest pick up. Prior to this, accommodation arrangement need to be done for guests, if you are getting both the confirmation early it will be better. Booking in advance will save some money and reduce the last-minute confusion seen in getting accommodations. This happens when weddings are planned at some tourist locations or places of some significance like holy places etc.

Once we have the accommodation arrangements and transportation arrangements done, it will be good to do a follow-up on both a week before marriage just check on everything. After this, the pickup of guests should be sorted out with vehicles assigned to the pick up as per number of guests. Guest pick up need to be managed by one person and assisted by another to ease the job & cross check. This should be assigned to someone from family or someone who knows the guests arriving. If this is not possible, the driver should be provided with Name Placards of the respective guests to be picked up. One of the family members should be in the hotels/apartments to welcome the guests who are coming in. Guest list should be updated with the people who arrived, who are yet to arrive by coordinating with the person who is going for picking

For   maximum attention and interaction with guests, it will be good if the guest accommodation and host accommodation is in the same place or nearby place at least. The day guests arrive; invite them for a private gathering which will act as an ice-breaking session too. This can be mapped to the mehandi/sangeet function where all ladies come and get their hands decorated with Mehandi. Apart from this, if the guests are interested in a vacation and wedding, then we at TheKnotstory can get you good packages for the same.

Theknotstory Tips:

  • Try to book the accommodation at minimum distance from the Wedding venue to avoid unnecessary delays and also reduce the transportation. Best if guest accommodation is done at the same place where wedding happens.( Not feasible always though)
  • Always keep someone in charge to welcome, manage guests, this gives a homely feeling for guests.
  • Plan some small entertainment/sightseeing program for guests.
  • Last but not the least, keep buffer time, back up of people & vehicle which can be utilized in case of last-minute surprises.

Plan, Organize, Manage your weddings anywhere, when in doubt we at Theknotstory are here.            

Wedding Planning 001 : Guest List & Wedding Invites!

Once the wedding dates are fixed, before you make all the other arrangements the most important thing to do is prepare you wedding guest list. I remember my pre-wedding days, Parents had a separate list of their friends and relatives; same with my siblings. It took a lot of time and energy to coordinate with every one and prepare a proper guest list. In fact, I didn’t get a chance to search for applications, gadgets which could help me in managing my wedding invitations. Now, there are enough and more options, but we would like to give you some smart tips, So your learn from the mistakes I made and make use of your time effectively!

Manage guest list

Preparing the Wedding Guest List:

Once the Wedding date is fixed, the guest list preparation should start and for this you need inputs from relatives also. To make this part simple, let us split this task. For example if you are the bride’s family then list looks like the one below:

Bride’s wedding Guest List prepared should include people whom she would like to invite. Same way, bride’s brother, sister etc can make their own list (of course with the approval of the bride as its her wedding). Senior members of the family should provide the list of family members who need to be invited. Once all individual lists are ready, prepare the Master Wedding Guest List. By doing so, there is very less probability to miss someone who is supposed to be invited. Also, When the Master Wedding Guest list is prepared using the individual lists, duplication chances are less like sending multiple invites to same person. Now this is pretty simple way and no gadget is required for preparing list. A better way is use an excel sheet, which can be filled by different persons and prepare final guest list from that.

You can also use some applications for preparing guest lists. Google itself is providing everything for planning wedding here You can also go for wedding planner applications which can be installed on smartphones. Google Play store, Apple Itunes store etc have plenty of applications for these purposes.

Wedding Invite:  The next step is inviting the guests. Here we can go for any of the below options.

Classic Way – The Wedding Cards:

Traditional invitations are wedding cards. You can select a card with the design and details of the function. These can be delivered using postal facility or courier. Other than just the wedding card, calling the guest using phone and reminding them about the marriage is also a good thing to do. Then there are few special guests whom we need to go physically and invite. The physical invite need to be planned as it takes a day or more from your tight wedding schedule. This can be done by sorting out the list route wise and going and inviting them.

Smart Way – Online Wedding Invites:

The easiest of the lot, not feasible for all though. We can save time, money & manage invites easier by doing this online. This way it is easy to invite people who are staying at distant places or different countries also. For this, create a Wedding site with necessary details about the bride, the groom, the family, the story and what not. There are lots of sites available which are free for creating wedding invites. Email the people to be invited with the wedding site link (URL). People can RSVP and respond.

A smarter way is to use social networking sites for inviting the guests. Social networking site Facebook is a good example. Create a Facebook event for the Wedding and invite people using that event invite. The Wedding site URL can be integrated in the Facebook Event. Depending on the number of RSVP responses, we will get an approximate number of guests who are going to attend the wedding. This will help in budgeting, arranging food, transportation, accommodation etc.

The above ways are based on our personal experiences . Other than these, we can use Smart Phone applications to plan the wedding, invites etc. There are lots of applications for the same in Google Play Store, Itunes store etc.

Watch out for more tips from us on guest management..

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Wedding Live Streaming!


Wedding in India, Watching Live from South America, Anything is Possible.

With Time our life style has changed, the way we live, the way we do things and now even weddings. Its not just the Bride & groom, but their Near & Dear one’s who are happier to see them getting married. Blame it on Murphy or work or anything, there are occasions where people meet their closest family/friend’s only during weddings. Earlier, to be precise two decades back the only way they could see this was using the Wedding Cassettes or Wedding Albums which come a month or so after the marriage. Technology has improved so have the gadgets and the people who uses it.

We are writing about this scenario to make sure anyone sitting anywhere will be able to  watch your wedding without being present physically in the venue. We are living in an era where we can see anything and everything streaming online.  This involves a price, a big one, but think about the positive side.

Streaming wedding live online has been used in countries like America since sometime, we have the set up, but we Indians still believe in our physical presence. We are going go throw some light on this subject  on a practical note.

For Live Streaming a video Online we don’t need a bigger set up also. We need a decent Internet connection, a video camera strategically placed and the right website which streams it online Live. The pricing part becomes zero If we can imagine about the happiness  of the person who missed the wedding because of a medical condition, watching it live in the bed from whichever country he/she resides.  That is priceless.

Another Cheaper way is Live blogging of the wedding using Social Media like twitter, Facebook, Vine, Instagram etc. where you can upload pics and videos real time the very instant you shoot them . We at Theknotstory can help you with this, how to do this, what is the set up you need for this, to meet the right people who can help you do this..

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Designer Wedding Cards!

Dear readers give it up to our guest blog writer today!!  Mr.knowitall :P. Its a first blog by him.

“Okay people this is my first blog so expect a lot of re-edits and additions all the time 😛  (it would be done before publishing though). This is targeting the audience looking out for wedding cards, by that I mean hardbound wedding cards. In on our blog posts we did tell you about e-invites and Facebook invites and our take on that would follow through. But this is all about hard bound physical cards .

These days since money is really not a consideration to spend on weddings people have become very focused about the quality of cards they send out to their friends and family. In early days the cards would be as low as 5 Rs. to 20 Rs. But welcome to the 21st century! So its designer card all the way. Eventually the range of cards have now shifted to 100 Rs. to 5000 Rs. (depending on how much lighter you want you pocket to be). The cards with boxes built-in to add sweets or chocolates are my personal Favorite. They give a neat royal finish to the whole concept of designer stuff.


Like the shopaholic mentioned a few blogs back we were doing a wedding of a near and dear one, we ended up getting the card for that wedding designed from the famous  “Parampara wedding cards” in  Delhi. You can find some great samples on the website too. Remaining details on their website .Go get in touch with them or write to us if you need help for any designers around the country.

Now what makes a good wedding card?  Look it through the brides eyes,the color and the design of the bridal lehenga and card could be in sync with each other. Also to keep yourself in budget you can get two type of cards in the same lot per say a set of 500 Rs. cards for friends and distant relatives and may be 5000 Rs. card for the special relatives. (in India special cards can be given to the groom’s side of family)

And ask a groom what he would like I think it really comes down to marrying the girl and listening to her 😛  (and he has no other choice too) 😉

Before I end this blog make sure you get that unique out of the box design for your wedding card from your favorite manufacturer to send across to your in-laws , (like a wooden box with carvings and sweets inside) .It would just make your pocket lighter by 5000 Rs. per card. And We still have cards which cost 5 Rs. to 10 Rs. which you can get in sadar bazaar in Delhi in multiple designs.Image

So happy card hunting!!Write to us if any doubts. “

Pack Smart – Destination Wedding frenzy!

Its a destination wedding. You wanna pack and pack all your best outfits , best jewellery , best of footwear and everything . Phew! Thinking about it is also exhausting. You don’t know where to start and where to stop. How to put things in place and what to carry and what not to carry! And as we all know there is always a limit to what you can have and what not! And who likes Limitations on these little things! An we ladies have a weak heart when it comes to our shoes!!(and let me tell you guys do too) ! have noticed my husband too 😛 😛

Okay coming back to the point , How to Pack smart when going for a destination wedding? ( specially when its your own!)

Beginning from the stuff that you absolutely need to pack, your clothes! Get them dry-cleaned ironed or whatever the need be! And pack them in covers with a zipper (you easily get them in the market) so that the ironing remains intact and easy to keep in your huge travel bags.


Smart Packing Covers

Make sure you also keep your matching (artificial) jewellery with each outfit instead of keeping them in a separate bag. Its easy to find on the day and you don’t have to open the entire bag for one outfit!  Arrange your clothes according to the functions so the other stuff in intact!


Coming to your footwear make sure you carry your goldens and silvers , in an Indian traditional wedding there a little bit of each in the dresses. And for the bride -you sure cannot make adjustments so just carry them all!

Your make up should be neatly packed in a makeup-kit, so you don’t end up turning your handbag upside down to search for a single lip-shade! Put in a Miniature perfume in you handbag as its summers you might need it more than the usual! Transfer your shampoos and conditioners in little travel bottles instead of carrying huge heavy bottles. Find them here.

And guy’s out there carry your blazers in your hand baggage instead of stuffing them in the bag recklessly! Don’t forget your perfumes and formal,informal and casual shoes! you may wanna check the nearby places out if you find some spare time out!
images (1)images (2)

Let us know your views on this ? Wanna add your tips to smart packing comment below .


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All you need to know about wedding invites!

Weddings, Irrespective of however long you plan it, you still feel something’s missing. Today weddings are a blend of old traditions with modern outlook. Perfection is everyone’s need these days. And if you as me I  think so too. If you are spending a fortune on them you need results don’t you?


When time is a constraint in everyone’s life, you look for a savior and when traffic plays the villain part, you will prefer something which saves your time, money and unwanted travel.

This where E-Invites, Facebook Events, Online Wedding planners etc play a vital role. We from Theknotstory will be researching, reviewing some of these sites, one per day and will bring back reviews for you guys all from our eyes for your eyes only! Wait for it and we will make sure we wont disappoint you guys!

Also potential website owners who would like us to review them or write about them you are most welcome to contact us on

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