where would you plan your dream destination wedding?


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Wedding Dress – Wear the dress you like to!

What to wear and not to wear on a wedding is a subject which is big enough for a debate. We came up with a simple Infographic on the same. How things that complicated can be made easy with a flowchart ūüėõ ūüėõ

Wedding dress infograph!

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My favorite picks: Shyamal and Bhumika Men’s collection!

Its about time I write something about the grooms or I might loose on the readers :P:P So here are my favorite picks from the Shyamal & Bhumika collection for the groom’s outfit. I am sure you read our previous post on the Groom’s wedding dress¬†http://wp.me/p2T1CS-gk . The groom’s now a days have become more aware of fashion and the latest trends surfacing in the fashion world where the sherwanis are concerned. ¬†The intricate designs and the work on the Sherwanis is almost as heavy as bridal lehengas these days. The colors have changed from traditional golden to more velvet’s,blues and reds etc. Groom’s like to experiment. Matching the sherwani with the color of the bridal lehenga still is one of the ongoing trends, more concepts are flowing in. We intend to update you with all that we know ! Till then this post belongs to Shyamal and Bhumika’s Men’s collection!

Shyamal & bhumika Sherwanis

Shyamal and bhumika 1

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Budget Wedding – Wedding Feast

We believe you Guys would have read our previous blog http://wp.me/p2T1CS-eL on organizing a budget wedding and decor. Lets see how to organize a good wedding feast within our limited budget. In country like India wedding feast is considered as a sole benchmark to judge the whole wedding. If we consider Indian weddings, ceremonies like Haldi, Mehendi, Engagement, Wedding & Reception; each of them are ¬†followed by a feast. If you calculate the cost spent on all these feasts it would definitely be a huge amount (enough for a honeymoon trip to Paris along with shopping! ūüėõ ) . We are part and parcel of the society and we cannot ignore the rights, rituals & beliefs followed by them. Its our sole responsibility to make our guests happy. We at¬†Theknotstory know some ways to make your society, family, guest as well as your purse happy.
  • For a budget wedding, ¬†keep the wedding feast as simple as possible. The wedding feast is exclusively arranged for the guests. The trick is a delicious feast instead of a 7 course buffet.
  • Image
  • Rather than approaching a catering¬†service who charges you a bomb, Go for an awesome good domestic cook and find people to serve the food. This will save you lot of money.
  • As we said earlier, rather than keeping feasts followed by each ritual you can arrange a single feast after the grant wedding ceremony for the guests arrived.
  • If you want to keep the budget really low then limit number of people for wedding and arrange for a tea party which can be a reception after wedding, which will save you a lot. This is practical when it comes to a court wedding or wedding where budget is low.
  • In case of register marriage and court marriages you can arrange a small post wedding feast/party for the family and close friends.
  • If you have planned for a Buffet, then plan the menu wisely, organize the items properly & assign people to monitor/serve the food to reduce wastage.
  • In any Feast, Menu items should be decided wisely. Wisely in a way that prefer Items made from easily available vegetables, non-vegetables. Do not opt for something costly or something which is not easily available according to the season.

Whatever we wrote above are some of the common ways to reduce cost. They are based on our research, experiences and our ideas. We never said dream weddings are impossible. We got our resources to make any wedding a dream wedding. We have our own ways of doing this. We know how to make an awesome feast at a reasonable cost. If you are interested, we will be happy to help you. Write to us at theknotstoy@gmail.com

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Budget Wedding: Wedding venue &Decor

We plan our wedding by watching our pocket size. Most of us have a dream wedding in mind but when it comes to reality we keep our dream aside and opt for budget wedding. For a budget wedding, there are three things that can drastically reduce the cost. 1) Venue 2)Decoration 3) Food.

Let us start with the venue. Finding a venue and finalizing that venue is a bit tedious task. This need to be more organized when the bride and groom are from different city or state . In this case the best way is to decide the venue near either of their house. This can be done with a friendly meetup between the two families where both discuss and finalize the venue. If the bride and the groom are from the same city wedding venue selection is a lot more easier. If your pocket size is “Extra Large” to conduct ‘ a big fat (Indian) wedding, go ahead as it’s a life time event and no need to cut short on anything. But on the other hand if you’re opting¬†for a budget wedding; here are our tips for selecting a good venue.


  • To conduct the wedding ceremony in the bride’s\groom’s house or in a farm house.
  • If you are a spiritual person you can opt for a spiritual wedding by fixing a temple/church/mosque as the wedding venue which would be less expensive than booking a wedding hall.
  • Court marriages, register marriages, Arya¬†samaj¬†weddings etc are some options which are usually opted during a love marriage without the consent of parents or family or couple with special seasons like second marriage or those who do not like crowded¬†wedding etc.
Different kinds of Weddings

Different kinds of Weddings

  • Find a decent and reasonable wedding hall. This is the best option¬†for the middle class family.A normal wedding hall can be converted into your dream wedding venue with innovative ideas and a bit money.

Above whatever we suggested are some tips on making a beautiful wedding hall at lower cost. You can approach a good decor, select a good design which suits your wedding hall/venue. Following this, choose a theme, a color and choose cheaper and smarter options for the decorations. For eg: ribbons, satin cloth, velvet cloth etc. Reduce the use of fresh flowers to minimum and there you can save on decor.

You can approach a good decor for that and select a good decoration design which suits your wedding hall/venue. You can also choose theme and color You can choose cheaper options for the decorations. For eg: ribbons, saturn . cloth velvet cloth etc. The more you use fresh flowers the more expensive the decoration will be and the heart any decoration are fresh flowers. So use fresh flowers wisely.

Wedding feast, the most important thing in any wedding. Some places, this is considered as a benchmark to measure how good the wedding was. This in itself is a big topic, so wait for our next blog on Wedding Feast.

Alright, here whatever we wrote are some of the common ways to reduce cost. We never said dream weddings are impossible. We got our resources to make any wedding a dream wedding. We have our own ways of doing this. If you are interested, we will be happy to help you. Write to us at theknotstoy@gmail.com