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Wedding Planning 003: Guest Management on the D Day.

                        Now that you know everything about wedding  invites, guest management, accommodation, conveyance etc. Let us talk about the most important day and the most important job, How to manage guests on the wedding day. Guests, in any country are considered as special ( In India we consider them as god 😀  “Athithi devo bhava”) and its our sole responsibility to make them comfortable and happy. Especially when they come to bless the bride and groom leaving their busy schedules and commitments.
                     The wedding day is going to be the busiest day of your life, so be clever enough to make prior arrangements to bring your guests to the wedding venue on time.  There should be someone (preferably accompanied by a relative) arranged to welcome the guest and make them seated, serve them Welcome drink. It would be better if your parents come personally and greet them when they enter the venue just to add that personal touch (this is totally situational!!). It maybe a bit hectic to do this in the busy schedule, but worthy enough for a long-lasting relationship and this humble practice avoids misunderstandings and confusions.
           Some guests may not be aware of the rituals, ceremonies involved in a wedding, it may be a good idea if someone can give them a basic idea about this after the wedding or before. If the wedding photography is planned then guide your guests to the bride and groom for the same. Now that the wedding ceremony is over, let us take the guests to the most important part of any wedding; The ‘Feast’.  In India, if the guest is happy with the feast the wedding is considered to be a very good wedding. It is the sole responsibility of the host (at least someone from host Family) to confirm with each guest whether they had the food and they are happy with food served.
                   Once the feast is over, the wedding is considered over for all, but the host (at least someone from host family) needs to go to the guest, thank them for attending the wedding and making the wedding special by their presence. In the modern times that we live in now Thankyou cards can also be sent after the wedding for those who attended the wedding. It is a different trend and appreciated by many. (I personally think its uncalled for but then if you got the money why not use it 😛 :P)
The Knotstory tips:
  • Plan, organize and assign people to handle guests.
  • Handing the guests a small welcome kit which include an explanation about the wedding rituals & ceremonies.
  • Plan a vacation & marriage itinerary for the guests if they are interested. ( you may not have enough time to do this, in that case guide them with the appropriate contacts who can help them )
  • A small food menu for every guest entering the Feast can also be done, there by helping them to plan the meal 😉 😉

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Pack Smart – Destination Wedding frenzy!

Its a destination wedding. You wanna pack and pack all your best outfits , best jewellery , best of footwear and everything . Phew! Thinking about it is also exhausting. You don’t know where to start and where to stop. How to put things in place and what to carry and what not to carry! And as we all know there is always a limit to what you can have and what not! And who likes Limitations on these little things! An we ladies have a weak heart when it comes to our shoes!!(and let me tell you guys do too) ! have noticed my husband too 😛 😛

Okay coming back to the point , How to Pack smart when going for a destination wedding? ( specially when its your own!)

Beginning from the stuff that you absolutely need to pack, your clothes! Get them dry-cleaned ironed or whatever the need be! And pack them in covers with a zipper (you easily get them in the market) so that the ironing remains intact and easy to keep in your huge travel bags.


Smart Packing Covers

Make sure you also keep your matching (artificial) jewellery with each outfit instead of keeping them in a separate bag. Its easy to find on the day and you don’t have to open the entire bag for one outfit!  Arrange your clothes according to the functions so the other stuff in intact!


Coming to your footwear make sure you carry your goldens and silvers , in an Indian traditional wedding there a little bit of each in the dresses. And for the bride -you sure cannot make adjustments so just carry them all!

Your make up should be neatly packed in a makeup-kit, so you don’t end up turning your handbag upside down to search for a single lip-shade! Put in a Miniature perfume in you handbag as its summers you might need it more than the usual! Transfer your shampoos and conditioners in little travel bottles instead of carrying huge heavy bottles. Find them here.

And guy’s out there carry your blazers in your hand baggage instead of stuffing them in the bag recklessly! Don’t forget your perfumes and formal,informal and casual shoes! you may wanna check the nearby places out if you find some spare time out!
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Let us know your views on this ? Wanna add your tips to smart packing comment below .


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