Recipe for Creating Online Wedding Invite

In today’s world, we use Internet & email also to invite people. Simplest way being attaching scanned copy of the invitation to an email and sending that email to the respected people. The other way or a more presentable way is an Online Wedding Invite. This basically is a Micro website, where you can create a small wedding site with multiple pages. Embed the invitation, add pics, add a story; all of these using the available design templates. Most of these websites are free, some are chargeable though.

While creating a wedding website, we need to be careful as it is a Wedding Invitation, hence it should not be shabby. Try to use a decent design template instead of going for a shabby one. Discuss with your groom and do the initial design part.

Start with an Intro about the bride and groom. Add the Scanned Copy of Wedding invite with venue, time and all necessary details. Write the story behind this wedding, how you met and how you came to the decision of getting married along with some nice pics. For your guests, keep a page with details about the wedding location, specialities/attractions, places to see, how to travel, Maps and everything that will help them for booking the travel. Keep a guest book where people who visit the site can sign with blessings, best wishes etc. The most important part R.S.V.P page. Try to make sure that guests who are visiting the wedding site is sending an Rsvp too. This will help for booking accommodation, travel, food and planning guest management. Below is an Infographic on a Good Online Wedding Site:

Online Wedding Invite

Online Wedding Invite

If the wedding is a theme based wedding, add a page about the same with the theme, what theme & what dress to be worn.

Depending on the budget, one can create a paid wedding site or a permanent domain registered in the name of bride & groom which should record their life hence forth; starting from wedding. This site can act as a Journal with pics, life events, invitations, achievements, travelogues, blogs etc.
There are more to come from us about Weddings. Write to us for any queries, suggestions, help needed for your wedding, Have an Awesome Sunday.


Wedding Dress – Wear the dress you like to!

What to wear and not to wear on a wedding is a subject which is big enough for a debate. We came up with a simple Infographic on the same. How things that complicated can be made easy with a flowchart 😛 😛

Wedding dress infograph!

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Choose the right engagement “Ring”- Part 1 !

The shopaholic is back from theknotstory. Well it was the last month that a close one decided to get married! And who do you think would have hopped on the shopping responsibility?? No prizes for guessing mah’ name! Don’t even get to think what my name is! Okay aren’t we drifting from the title a wee bit?

The marriage is incomplete without its ring! The engagement and in some cases the wedding band! This is a lifelong investment! This ring remains with you till the grave they say. Choosing on your engagement ring can be really catchy. But if done with the utmost care and love makes your loved one happy! In my case I still regret not being able to have the ring I always wanted :() I sincerely hope my husband takes a hint n gets me that ring 😉 ;))

choosing your engagement ring.

I am personally always curious if a person chose his or her own ring or it was someone else s choice. This does not have to be a traumatizing experience. I can imagine how difficult it is for a guy to choose a pair of jeans leave alone a perfect engagement ring! But no fear theknotstory is here!  This entire process can be very easy; all you need to do is get your basics right and co-ordinate with your spouse!

You should know:

  1.  What you will be asked for when you go shopping:   When you go to the store the shop keeper might ask you to few things and if you appear clueless chances are he might totally fool you or you might get something which similar but not what you intended to by!  So research thoroughly on few words BAND, SETTING, GEMSTONE, 4 C’s (cut, clarity, carat, color of the GEMSTONE), COST. (We will be doing separate posts on each of the characteristic )
  2.  Your budget:  This is the most important thing while shopping anything for that matter. If you know your budget things become easy for you and the salesperson. He knows what to show you and you have limited options to choose from avoiding excess confusion. Also avoiding any temptation to spend extra is always good during your wedding shopping. Because everything you shop for is of equal priority. Also refrain yourself from the very famous line “A man should save 3 months of his salary saved to buy the perfect engagement ring”. All that matters is that you buy a ring in your budget that is loved by you to be fiancé!
  3. Your fiancé’s choice:  The thought of surprising your spouse with the ring is a very tempting thought, but a very risky one at that. So better to know what he/she likes to avoid any kind of awkward situations. And always better to avoid any kind of exchanges, returns or adjustments. Always remember the ring stays with you always. So take him/her along with you or just be smart and gauge what they want. Trust me even they want to tell you what is his/her choice 😛 😛  You could ask their friend to take them to a ring store just for fun and know exactly what they want. Just in case always check the return policy of the store if surprising is on your mind!
  4. The right Jeweler:  The ring, the diamond and the gold is something which the naked eye cannot tell if pure or not. So ask around friends to get an idea of good Jewel stores. Experimenting while buying wedding ring is not really a good idea. Also look for store suiting your budget to avoid disappointment over looking at stuff you cannot afford.  Online shopping on legitimate website like the Bluenile or Bluestone or Suratdiamond might be a good idea. It’s a great deal if you like a little less trying on for a reasonably good discount.  Also look for jewelers who custom design your engagement ring.
  5. The perfect engagement ring: The perfect engagement ring is the ring which suits the style, persona and taste of your fiancé. The ring should be big enough to pass through her work place and not too small that the visibility is an issue! Also check for the design that does not get stuck in the clothes or even scratches your face.
  6. Buy certified engagement ring: Always look for certified rings as the certification by your jeweler is really not reliable. So before you pull out your credit card ensure the certificate is right.

Last but not the least enjoy every bit of your wedding. For any assistance email us at

xoxo ~~ Theknotstory

Wedding Live Streaming!


Wedding in India, Watching Live from South America, Anything is Possible.

With Time our life style has changed, the way we live, the way we do things and now even weddings. Its not just the Bride & groom, but their Near & Dear one’s who are happier to see them getting married. Blame it on Murphy or work or anything, there are occasions where people meet their closest family/friend’s only during weddings. Earlier, to be precise two decades back the only way they could see this was using the Wedding Cassettes or Wedding Albums which come a month or so after the marriage. Technology has improved so have the gadgets and the people who uses it.

We are writing about this scenario to make sure anyone sitting anywhere will be able to  watch your wedding without being present physically in the venue. We are living in an era where we can see anything and everything streaming online.  This involves a price, a big one, but think about the positive side.

Streaming wedding live online has been used in countries like America since sometime, we have the set up, but we Indians still believe in our physical presence. We are going go throw some light on this subject  on a practical note.

For Live Streaming a video Online we don’t need a bigger set up also. We need a decent Internet connection, a video camera strategically placed and the right website which streams it online Live. The pricing part becomes zero If we can imagine about the happiness  of the person who missed the wedding because of a medical condition, watching it live in the bed from whichever country he/she resides.  That is priceless.

Another Cheaper way is Live blogging of the wedding using Social Media like twitter, Facebook, Vine, Instagram etc. where you can upload pics and videos real time the very instant you shoot them . We at Theknotstory can help you with this, how to do this, what is the set up you need for this, to meet the right people who can help you do this..

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All that Glitters is Gold – Wedding Jewelry!!!

All that glitters is not gold..

Indian weddings, now mostly addressed as Big Fat Indian weddings, the term derived from the glamour & glitz seen in Indian weddings. Once you enter a wedding venue, the first thing which comes in front of you is the decor, and then comes the wedding dresses and then the glitter. In any wedding the most expensive part of course is the wedding jewelry.

Traditionally, Gold and silver is widely used in India as the wedding jewelry.  Now a day’s diamond and platinum have conquered the bride’s heart as well as the jewelry market. Our modern North Indian brides prefer to wear jewels with latest designer work and expensive stones which match their bridal dress. As a person who got a chance to attend south and north Indian weddings, I have noticed that as you go towards south, gold is vastly used in wedding jewelry. The North Indian bride prefers designer diamond wedding ring and mangalsutras. While a South Indian bride still chooses their traditional Thali (mangalsutra) categorized upon their respective caste. They may purchase a set of diamond jewelry of latest fashion to be a part of the wedding jewelry, but the amount of gold they wear during the wedding will remain large as it depicts the status symbol of the family in the society.

The gold wedding jewelry purchased is considered as an asset, but during the wedding this purchase needs a lot of planning. Both Bride and Groom have to Shell out money for this purchase including what parents intend to gift you. Bride’s family has to do the major purchase though. Indian jewelry is always known for its unique and artistic design and that’s the reason why it’s famous worldwide. Earlier we used to wear jewelry from head to toe, as time passed by the traditional style of wearing all these jewels has become rare and now jewelry is used mostly during the weddings.

    Believe it or not! The bride in south India wears up to 3 kg gold during the wedding :O :O . However this gold is considered as an asset gifted by her parents to make her future safe and secured.

Below are few traditional gold jewels worn by our bride as a part of their wedding jewelry:

The Bengali brides wears theirs traditional jewelry like nath, paati haar, taaira, tikli, choker, kaan baala, chur etc. whereas the Tamil and Telugu brides wear Oddiyanam, maanamaalai, vanki, jhiki, mattals etc. The Malayali brides wear a lot of gold jewelry during the wedding. Some of them are kaasumaala, maangamaala, poothali, nagapadathali, Jhimki, thoda and lot more. In the other parts of India gold jewels are comparatively less used during weddings. The gold is used along with diamond, platinum and other expensive stones.

Watch out for more details about traditional Indian wedding jewelry in our coming blogs 🙂

Theknotstory tip: Always purchase gold from an authorized jeweler and also check for BIS 916 Hallmark which is the symbol of purity. Some jewelers give an option where you can pay a certain amount and book jewels for that day’s price and later purchase it paying full amount. So be on a look out for the low price days and book you gold  for the wedding jewelry!


Happy Shopping,



The Wedding Photo Album!

These wedding photo album goes along the  lifetime memory lane. Every time I still watch my wedding photo album it just brings back the entire ceremony. The Little things such as putting up haldi on to all your friends,  to guiding your relative to find the groom’s  shoes , Panicking when you can’t find that one little clip, checking on to the mirror a thousand times before getting out there ( applicable to all the ladies out there 😛 ), dancing with the most unknown entity in the ceremony to seeing your nervous groom and feeling better he’s just as miserable as you are !!

The Wedding passes by. All the festivities are over and you are back on track to settling back to work after the long leave ! And bam you have the photograph CD! As much fun it is to watch the wedding pictures do not forget the task of selecting the pictures to make a life ling memory in the form of  your wedding photo album! And trust me they are like more than a 1000!


Couple of points before you go ahead and finalize the look of your wedding photo album!

After you have viewed all the pictures and re-lived the moments again, and laughed of the funny/silly pictures , you are ready to do some work , sort the pictures in the order you want to  put them in your wedding photo album. And do not forget to make sure your partner does half of the stack with you! Later you can cross check each other’s pics. Trust me you always want your best picture through!

  • Make appropriate folders and sort the relevant 200 to 300 pics that you want to put in your album according to each album.
  • Sort some excellent picture of the bride and the groom to put on the covers.
  • The first and the last pages of the album should have your best picture.
  • Make a separate folder of your close friends and relatives so that the wedding photo album maker would know where and how to place them.
  • Put the pictures according to the date and time in the right order that the functions happened.
  • Last but not the least select one  favourite pic of your to put up in your house !!

You can make those beautiful embossed wedding photo albums where the brides/groom’s jewellery is embossed along with the background also giving 3D effect.  So I wish you all the best ! Happy Sorting 😛 😛


A Day in The Life of a North Indian Groom

We told you about the packing, the bridal lehengas,the shopping, the planning.  And then we realized we have been biased! Too much from the brides end and nothing for the groom. So we decided to do a know it all groom post!  Lets begin with the northern part of our country !

Day in a groom's life.

Let us take a look into a North Indian Groom’s timeline on the Wedding Day. After haldi ceremony (Pooja) at home, The Groom dressed in Paijama/Kurti’s or Sherwani Suits or even Blazers and Trousers starts the journey to the venue when the sehra bandi is done (placing the sehra on his head). The Groom sitting on a Horse/Chariot accompanied by Family and friends with music and all guests dancing. The procession starts from the entrance and goes till the venue (Mandap) where the pheras will happen. This procession is known as ‘Baraat’ (auto correct did suggested me Borat :-P).  Baraat is my favourite part in Indian weddings. The Groom will be welcomed by the Bride’s family (in Punjabi weddings the brides sisters will tie a ribbon on the entrance and the groom has to give some shagun money to cut the ribbon) and will be seated in the Mandap. As per the auspicious time (Muhurat), The Groom & the Bride then exchange garlands. Meanwhile, Will be a Bunch of girls (The Bride’s sister’s) searching for Groom’s Footwear to hide it. Once the footwear is in the hands of the bride’s sister’s then the Groom will have to pay them money to get the Footwear back. This adds to the entertainment and fun in North indian marriages. The Groom and The bride will then sit in front of Fire with a Priest running the show. He will recite Sanskrit verses which will be explained to bride and groom and they have to act as per his instructions. Then the bride and groom will circle the fire (Phera). After this, the bride’s parents and family will see off the bride and groom which is the end of a Wedding function, but not bride & Groom’s. The Bride and Groom after reaching Groom’s house will have to sit for some more rituals.

The Meaning:

Now if we take a step back and look at the smart preparation part. The groom has to decide about what he is going to wear for the wedding day. If the bride and Groom wear’s something which compliments each other, they will look Elegant. The Groom and the bride should discuss shop together or use smart applications to assist and make their task easier. The Groom has to set up a house for bringing his newly wedded wife. Irrespective of what the girl does, Traditional Indian families, the boys has to do the necessary planning and arrangements to keep his newly wedded wife happy and safe. As I say, marriage is not about two people falling in love and planning to live together, but it is the beginning of a new life where a boy becomes a Man and start taking responsibility of his Family in all ways.

Pack Smart – Destination Wedding frenzy!

Its a destination wedding. You wanna pack and pack all your best outfits , best jewellery , best of footwear and everything . Phew! Thinking about it is also exhausting. You don’t know where to start and where to stop. How to put things in place and what to carry and what not to carry! And as we all know there is always a limit to what you can have and what not! And who likes Limitations on these little things! An we ladies have a weak heart when it comes to our shoes!!(and let me tell you guys do too) ! have noticed my husband too 😛 😛

Okay coming back to the point , How to Pack smart when going for a destination wedding? ( specially when its your own!)

Beginning from the stuff that you absolutely need to pack, your clothes! Get them dry-cleaned ironed or whatever the need be! And pack them in covers with a zipper (you easily get them in the market) so that the ironing remains intact and easy to keep in your huge travel bags.


Smart Packing Covers

Make sure you also keep your matching (artificial) jewellery with each outfit instead of keeping them in a separate bag. Its easy to find on the day and you don’t have to open the entire bag for one outfit!  Arrange your clothes according to the functions so the other stuff in intact!


Coming to your footwear make sure you carry your goldens and silvers , in an Indian traditional wedding there a little bit of each in the dresses. And for the bride -you sure cannot make adjustments so just carry them all!

Your make up should be neatly packed in a makeup-kit, so you don’t end up turning your handbag upside down to search for a single lip-shade! Put in a Miniature perfume in you handbag as its summers you might need it more than the usual! Transfer your shampoos and conditioners in little travel bottles instead of carrying huge heavy bottles. Find them here.

And guy’s out there carry your blazers in your hand baggage instead of stuffing them in the bag recklessly! Don’t forget your perfumes and formal,informal and casual shoes! you may wanna check the nearby places out if you find some spare time out!
images (1)images (2)

Let us know your views on this ? Wanna add your tips to smart packing comment below .


Your Smart Packer @team theknotstory

Bridal Lehenga Trends this Season!

Hey there lovely bride to be’s!!

Okay I know to begin with I got to say we @team theknotstory are seriously sorry for being lazy for around 3 months! But something really kept us busy and we do promise to be more regular and deliver awesome information with regularity!  Our shopaholic has decided to give shopping a break and writing more often! *winks*

Now that the Summer weddings are up I am pretty sure you guys have already done a whole lotta shopping and few things remain! I am personally shopping for the wedding of a near and dear and bring you the first hand information 😀 (of course about everything) !

So after doing a thorough market search for the right kind of bridal lehenga we finalized one! The most important thing to look for is how comfortable and glamorous do you feel about what you wear!  And summers bring in a lotta fresh colors, pastels and brightness all together! Get in all your Pinks, Royal blues, Pastel Greens. And color blocking is seen in the Bridal lehengas too! Believe me or not they look fabulous!

My Personal favorite for brides does remain the traditional Red! and Our bride did get a fresh tomato red! But then if you are the experimenting kinds and like to follow new trends you have loads of options in colorful lehengas!  Here are the latest designs of lehengas some designers put up this season that I absolutely adore! You may wanna steal them or buy them 😉

Color Block Lehenga

Color Block Lehenga

LoveLy Sabyasachi Designs! Royal Blue and Red!

LoveLy Sabyasachi Designs! Royal Blue and Red!


This  Sabyasachi one Is my Favorite BTW! These days m obsessed with anything that is royal blue!


Black and Gold Ritu Kumar Design

Black and Gold Ritu Kumar Design

Shyamal Bhumika Gorgeous design

Shyamal Bhumika Gorgeous design

Bridal Lehegna using Yellow!

Bridal Lehegna using Yellow!

P.S. they are not my designs. The respective designers own them . I just recommend them and the style!

And if you love budget friendly stuff explore your nearest market and keep in mind the above colors and work that are trending now! Happy Wedding shopping lovelies..! And if you need any help in any city to fore shopping guidance we are happy to help. Just mail me at and I am at your service! Presently for  (Mumbai, Hyderabad, Calcutta, New Delhi) .


Happy Shopping :)


The Shopaholic @Team theknotstory!

All about “US”

We thought of sharing a small story about how “US” evolved from “U n I”. “I” comes from an ” Individual ” . Now  Don’t you try to think this is related to apple or any of its products ;-). It’s about you and us. All of us!

Let me break this flowchart for you guys, this ain’t no Davinci code, We are talking about family and individuals. As I told earlier, “I”  for Individual and “US” for family. How “I” forms “US”?? duh! like you don’t know that 😛 . Generations before us, something called evolution happened and we the humans resulted. Our ancestors, their ancestors and so on.  All of us are “I”’s, we take decisions to start living for the future and choose a suitable partner. We decide to live with this partner with or without (as in some cases) the consent of our parents. This is supposed to happen as a holy communion in front of your family, friends and God as witness. This Holy Communion is named “Marriage”; the beginning of a new meaningful relationship till eternity.

Marriage ain’t the end of an individual or “I” in short, I like to call it a new phase, “US”.  After marriage, family life of  “I” starts. Sooner or later, the “I”‘s form a new “I” (of-course the new born baby) and thus “US” is a new family.. The number of members of the new “US” family may increase with more “I”s, and soon the “US” family will become the complete family.

Marriage changes an individual in many possible ways. Once married a person always thinks about his/her partner and the family. Then comes responsibility and living life meaningfully. The meaning of love and relationships will be learnt through the ongoing process called Living life. Without a Family, none of us might have born. Family completes a person, which makes the word ‘Happy’, meaningful and ‘world’, beautiful, innovative, humane and evolving.

A meaningful knot keeping your friends, relatives, parents and the Almighty as witness, A promise that you will take care of each other, a moment which should remain in everyone’s life as “The Most Memorable Moment”, A Moment when the word Family comes into existence in your life and the moment which makes your ancestor’s happy about you for carrying on the legacy of living happily as a family.

“Theknotstory” is here to share our experience and hear from you more about the  moment you want to remember the most, the moment you want to begin living as “US” from being an “I” and also to help you guys and girls make your plan easy for any phase of  your life by our assistance. Thereby giving you more time to live with your family/loved ones rather than running around and asking questions and waiting for answers. For contacting us all you need to do is open your browser while you sit there watching TV maybe and there you go! You are one step closer to your solution!

We are here to answer all possible questions about setting up and planning your life, but questions about your life and living it cannot be given by us or in fact anyone, it’s you who can find answer to those questions by living the life meaningfully.